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1996 Chevy Regular Cab Du-Ha Behind Seat Truck Organizer

Every DU-HA behind seat storage bin is custom designed to fit a particular model of truck. The DU-HA for the 1996 Chevy Regular Cab is designed to fit behind your existing rear seat. This truck organizer is constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Scroll down for more photos and information on this under seat unit.

This organizer fits a 1996 Regular Cab Chevy Truck

Chevy regular cab pickup truck organizer

Comes with 2-piece foam gun rack/organizers. No plastic dividers are available for this model.

  • Fits 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton models.
  • *This model does not acts as a legal gun case in states with gun case laws, unless guns are placed in sleeves.
  • 30 day money back guarantee & lifetime warranty.
  • Dimensions: L 50 x W 6.5 x H 6.5
  • Total weight: 9 lbs

Du-Ha under seat storage. Dark Gray color

Comes in 1 color. Black 10038

Price $161.95

Availability: Now In Stock! Usually ships the same or next business day.

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Installation Guide

A DU-HA will fit perfectly with WeatherTech, Husky Liners and factory floor liners/floor mats installed.

Click on any Du-Ha storage picture to enlarge.

DU-HA shown without gun racks.
The DU-HA easily installs behind the seats. Standard 2 piece gun rack set is made of soft material so it won't damage guns.

Holds 2 guns. Doesn't act as a legal gun case in states with gun case laws. Guns must be covered in a gun sleeve and placed in the DU-HA to act as a legal gun case.

Perfect for the contractor.
Instead of your backseat
looking like this...
...have it look like this.
The DU-HA is designed without a lid, so items may be stacked twice as high and larger items will fit without problem.

Your seats will still fully recline
& slide all the way back with
the DU-HA installed.

The factory jack box in the 88-98 regular cab trucks must be removed to install the DU-HA.

The 2 short tools from the jack box will need to be secured to the jack using included reusable cable ties.

The jack and tools can be stored under the passenger seat.

The jack handles fit perfectly underneath the gun rack organizers inside the DU-HA.
6 slots are cut out of the DU-HA to allow straps, bungee cords, or velcro strips to hold guns or cargo in place, as shown in next picture.

DU-HA shown with straps in
place. Straps not included.

The DU-HA will hold 2 shotguns or 2 rifles with scopes.

DU-HA shown with rifles strapped in to prevent being bounced around.
Gun racks can carry 2 guns
on one side or 1 gun on the other side and is made of a soft material that won't damage your guns.

This DU-HA only comes black.

The DU-HA is secured to the floor of the truck using the pre-existing holes from the jack box. An existing bolt and included bolt & washer are used to fasten the DU-HA to the floor.

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