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Du-Ha Under Seat Storage for Chevy Trucks

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About Chevy Storage

DuHa Bins has a great solution to keep your Chevy truck clutter free and organized. The Chevy storage solution allows you to take advantage of the unused space behind or under the rear seat. Our storage bin will allow you to make the most use of the limited space in your Chevy truck.

Most Chevy truck owners agree that taking advantage of unused cab space is a wise choice to increase storage capacity. A Du-Ha storage bin ensures the safety of items stored, as well as giving you easy access to all your stored items.

Optimize the use of the wasted and least used space and convert it into a convenient storage area. This heavy duty polyethylene Du-Ha Chevy storage solution requires no drilling. Quickly and easily installed in your Chevy truck, no modifications are required to the cab interior.

Our specially designed storage solution carries your items safely and in an organized manner. From fishing rods to first aid boxes, tools to tow ropes, guns to hunting gear, you can store each and every essential in an “easy to reach” manner.

Du-Ha Bins believe in providing high quality storage solutions, which never fail to deliver and keeps your Chevy organized. A Du-Ha Chevy storage unit can be easily installed in any Chevy model and we offer a lifetime warranty for it.  Make your Chevy ‘ready-to-go’, no matter what you do.

Chevrolet/GMC Specific Questions

Q - On the '07 Chevy Extended Cab, how can I tell the difference between the 'Classic' or 'New Body Style'?

A - There are a couple ways to tell the difference between the two cab styles. On the Classic, the windows in the back doors 'pop' open. The back doors open 3/4 of the way. On the New Body Style, the windows in the back doors 'roll' up and down. The back doors open all the way and almost touch the truck bed.

On the '07 Chevy Crew Cab, how can I tell the difference between the 'Classic' or 'New Body Style'?

A - You can tell the difference between the two by looking at how the rear seats function. On the Classic, the bottom part of the seat folds forward towards the front of the cab. The back part of the seat then folds all the way forward and down to create a flat floor. On the New Body Style, the bottom of the seat lifts up towards the back of the cab.

I have a Classic Style Chevy extended cab. Can you remove the jack without removing the DU-HA?

A - You can, but it’s easier to just loosen the straps (attached to the seat belt brackets) and slide the DU-HA out before trying to access the jack.

Q - The seat in my extended cab doesn’t want to come down all the way, what should I do?

A - Check to make sure that both the DU-HA and the gun rack/organizers are facing the correct direction (slots facing back/high sides forward). To create a good Chevy Storage for you.

On the back rest of the seat, behind each head rest and down a few inches, there are two brackets, each containing a rubber grommet. Lube these brackets using WD-40 or another form of spray lubricant. (Bottom seat must flipped up to access these brackets.)

Q - Do you plan on making a DU-HA for Chevy Avalanche Trucks?

A - We do plan on making one in the future. We will post it on our coming soon page when it is in the drawing stages.

Q - I have a Chevy extended cab with Husky liners under the backseat...Will the DU-HA slide around if it sits on top of them?

A - No. The DU-HA will not slide around. The DU-HA is strapped to the seat belt brackets to keep it from sliding around.

Q- How can I increase my Chevy Storage?

A- All you need is to come to Du-Ha Bins, we will provide our guidance and experience to have your Chevy Storage better.


Why get a Chevy Truck Storage unit ?

Keeping your Chevy pickup truck organized can be a challenge, with the clutter from all the the extra gear that tends to be tossed underseat or behind the seat. Every truck owner needs extra truck storage space.

Whether you’re a contractor, sportsman or simply someone looking for a great way to organize your pickup truck, the Du-Ha truck storage unit is perfect for you. Du-Ha bins provide a convenient location to store anything from power tools, boots, gloves, jackets and first aid kit, to jumper cables, spare batteries, guns, ammunition, hunting gear, fishing rods and reels and tackle box, etc., safely and securely. Depending on your Chevy pickup truck cab style, you can either have under seat truck storage or behind the back seat truck storage.

Du-Ha truck storage bins include foam supports which allow you to use your Du-Ha as a gun rack capable of securely holding 2-4 rifles along with ammo. Using a Du-Ha to transport your hunting rifles is legal in most states. Du-Ha truck storage bins are quick and easy to install and are built to last. Made from heavy duty polyethylene, and color matched for your truck interior, these units come with a Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

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