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07-+ new body Chevy GMC Extended Cab under seat Du-Ha spacer

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Du Ha 10013 - 2000-07 Chevy HD Crew Cab (Classic)

Every DU-HA under seat storage bin is custom designed to fit a particular model of truck. The DU-HA for the 2000-07 Chevy HD Crew Cab is designed to fit behind your existing rear seat. This truck organizer is constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty. This pickup truck behind seat storage model also acts as a legal gun case in most states and will securely hold 2 guns.

Scroll down for more photos and information on this under seat unit.

This organizer fits a 2000-07 Chevy HD Crew Cab (Classic)

Chevy HD Crew Cab pickup truck organizer

Du-Ha under seat storage. Dark Gray color
Dark Gray

Price $177.95

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Click on any Du-Ha storage picture to enlarge.
(color may not be as shown)

Seats shown
in latched up position.

Seat shown with
one seat latched up.
Seats shown
in down position.

DU-HA shown installed with seats in the latched down position. Seats fold back to original position with
the DU-HA installed.

Perfect for the sportsman.
Take all this...

...and have it look like this!
Holds 2 guns, even rifles with scopes. Acts as a legal gun case in most states with seats latched up.

Perfect for the contractor or
anyone with a need for storage...Instead of your back seat looking like this...

...have your Silverado or Sierra it look like this with a behind seat DuHa!
Seats shown with the DU-HA installed. The DU-HA bolts to flaps underneath and straps to child safety anchor so it can't move with seats in down position.

The DU-HA bolts to rear floor flaps to allow access to the jack tools and added storage space when tilted forward.

6 slots are cut out of the DU-HA to allow straps, bungee cords, or velcro strips to hold guns or cargo in place, as shown in next picture.
DU-HA shown with straps in place. Straps not included.

Close up of slots for straps.
The DU-HA is designed without a lid, so items may be stacked twice as high and larger items will fit without problem.

Silverado, Sierra Crew Cab DU-HA shown with rifles strapped in to prevent being bounced around.
Gun racks can carry 2 guns
on one side or 1 gun on the other side and is made of a soft material that won't damage your guns.

The Silverado, Sierra DU-HA behind seat storage comes in 3 matching interior colors:
Tan, Dark Gray, & Light Gray.


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