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Du Ha 20070 | 2003-2007 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty Crew Cab with 60/40 Split Bench Seats

Every DU-HA Underseat storage bin is custom designed to fit a particular model of truck. This DU-HA for the 2003-2011 Ford F250-F550 Super Crew Cab is designed to fit under your existing back seat. It's constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty. This pickup truck underseat storage model also acts as a legal gun case in most states and will securely hold 2 guns without scopes in the supplied gun rack.

To install the DU-HA you'll have to remove the factory storage trays. Only fits models with the 60/40 split bench seats. See pictures below.

Additional Du-Ha Underseat storage pictures are at the bottom of this page.


This unit fits the 2003-2007 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty Crew Cab

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Tan Du-Ha Code 20070

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These metal floor trays come installed from the factory underneath your back seats.
The metal trays must be removed to install the DU-HA, but can be easily interchanged later on.

With the trays removed, you have the perfect amount of room to install your DU-HA.

The DU-HA creates a much needed storage area underneath your back seat.

It includes removable organizer/gun rack inserts which are made of soft material so they won't damage guns.

This is what the DU-HA looks like installed under the seat.
Does your back seat look like this? Take your tools and supplies...

...and store them out of sight underneath your back seat.

Comes in matching interior colors!

The DU-HA is perfect for the sportsman!
Take all your gear...

...and store it safely and securely underneath your back seat!

This DU-HA will hold 2 guns without scopes in the upright position and acts as a legal gun case in most states with the seats in the down postion.

Comes with gun rack/organizers. Picture shows removable parts.

Gun rack/organizers assemble in seconds!
The gun rack for this model will hold 2 guns without scopes.
DU-HA shown holding 2 guns.



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