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Du Ha Reach EZ Extendable Cargo Hook

Why crawl into your truck bed? Reach everything while standing behind your tailgate with your Reach E-Z!

Quick Facts:
  • Extends to approximately 7í
  • Measures approximately 5í when not extended
  • The perfect snow removal tool!
  • Super tough adjustable yellow tip
  • Fits all bed lengths
  • Works on all types of beds & bedliners
  • Easy access under toppers, tonneaus, & lids
  • Will easily handle objects over 100 lbs.
  • Easily installs in your pickup bed


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Great for loading & unloading!

The Reach E-Z allows you to arrange individual items and push them to the front making efficient use of your cargo space. Easily reach everything in your truck bed while standing behind the tailgate!

Unique Tip:

The Reach E-Z tip is designed to slide in the grooves of pickup beds and bedliners allowing you to get underneath and hook items. It is extremely effective at hooking into cardboard and catching the plastic lips on the bottom of buckets.

The yellow tip is designed to be visible in low light, so you don't need to roll up your bed cover to easily remove what you need. Itís made from super tough nylon and is guaranteed unbreakable under normal usage.

reach e-z free with every du ha order! free reach e-z with every du ha order free reach e-z with every du ha reach e-z, free with every du ha order
Also great for:
  • Vans, Suburbans, & SUVs
  • Hanging holiday decorations
  • Cleaning rain gutters
  • Landing boats
  • Anything you can't quite reach...
Installation is easy!

Simply bolt the metal clip to a convenient location in the bed of your pickup truck. You can also secure the clip to a wall in your shop or garage to keep the Reach E-Z within reach at all times.


  • Assembles in seconds.
  • Reaches all the way across your windshield, so you can clear away snow in a few easy swipes.
  • Great for sweeping out your truck bed.
  • Can also be used as a light duty shop broom by unhooking the single vertical clip.
Set Screw
  • The set screw allows you to loosen the tip and re-position it at different angles.
  • Turned sideways or in its original position, it works great for hanging holiday lights on houses and trees.
  • Turned 180 degrees, it makes a good hook for retrieving duck decoys and lines.
  • The end of the handle screws off to reveal a threaded connector.
  • This is designed for attaching an ice scraper.
  • It also works great for attaching a paint roller, squeegee, duster, or any other standard item that has a female connector.

Reach E-Z Scraper Accessory $6.95
  • Ridged edge for loosening ice on your windshield.
  • Smooth edge for scraping away ice.
  • Screws onto the end of the Reach E-Z handle.


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Reach E-Z Flashlight Accessory $6.95
  • 5 LED's
  • Ideal for looking under your topper or tonneau cover
  • Excellent light source at night
  • Clips to the Reach E-Z handle


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