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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can I determine what kind of cab style I have? Or how can I tell the difference between the Extended Cab or Crew Cab?

A - Below are some basic images of the different cab styles. Please click on the following link for more images and descriptions of the different cab styles: Pickup Truck Cab Styles (PDF)

On Extended Cabs, you have to first open the front door to open the back door. The front door opens the opposite direction of the back door. These doors may also be called 'suicide doors'. Crew Cabs have 4 full doors that all open the same direction, like car doors. All 4 handles are on the outside of the truck.

Q - Will the DU-HA storage units work with WeatherTech and Husky Liners floor liners/floor mats installed?

A - Yes. The DU-HA will fit perfectly even with the WeatherTech or Husky Liners floor liners/floor mats installed. Check out the photos below to see an example of this.

DU-HA with floor liner 1 DU-HA with floor liner 2 DU-HA with floor liner 3

Q - Do you make a DU-HA that goes under the seats in Crew Cab/Regular Cab trucks?

A - That depends on the model. Some models will go under the seat, but the majority will go behind the seat in the crew cabs and regular cab trucks. The reason that we donít make one that goes underneath the seat in some models, is due to the limited amount of space. (Thereís only about 3 Ĺ inches of useable space, once all is said and done.)

Q - Are there any special tools/modifications required to mount an under the seat storage unit?

A - They are all very different to install. Everyone is very easy. For installation & safety instructions please click on the installatin PDF.

Q - Do you offer any type of warranty?

A - Every DU-HA comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. We want you to be completely satisfied with your DU-HA. If, for any reason, you are not please call us toll-free at 1.866.306.DUHA and we will gladly assist you with your return or exchange.

Q - Do you plan on making a DU-HA for Cadillac Escalade Trucks or the Hummer H2?

A - We do plan on making DU-HA's for those trucks eventually. We haven't figured out a way to make one that goes underneath or behind the back seats, but are looking into alternate installation methods. Check back on our coming soon page to see if your truck is added.

Q - Do you have a DU-HA that only occupies 60% of the rear under-seat area? I have a sub that sits under 40% of the rear seat and just need storage for the other part.

A - We do not currently have a product that would only take up 60% of the area. We are working on some ideas that would accommodate the subwoofer, but are just in the beginning stages.

Some of our customers have simply unplugged and removed the sub and haven't noticed a drop in sound quality at all. You might try removing it and testing the sound quality yourself... Otherwise if you want to check back on our website, we hope to have something out in the near future.

Chevrolet/GMC Specific Questions

Q - On the '07 Chevy Extended Cab, how can I tell the difference between the 'Classic' or 'New Body Style'?

A - There are a couple ways to tell the difference between the two cab styles. On the Classic, the windows in the back doors 'pop' open. The back doors open 3/4 of the way. On the New Body Style, the windows in the back doors 'roll' up and down. The back doors open all the way and almost touch the truck bed.

On the '07 Chevy Crew Cab, how can I tell the difference between the 'Classic' or 'New Body Style'?

A - You can tell the difference between the two by looking at how the rear seats function. On the Classic, the bottom part of the seat folds forward towards the front of the cab. The back part of the seat then folds all the way forward and down to create a flat floor. On the New Body Style, the bottom of the seat lifts up towards the back of the cab.

I have a Classic Style Chevy extended cab. Can you remove the jack without removing the DU-HA?

A - You can, but itís easier to just loosen the straps (attached to the seat belt brackets) and slide the DU-HA out before trying to access the jack.

Q - The seat in my extended cab doesnít want to come down all the way, what should I do?

A - Check to make sure that both the DU-HA and the gun rack/organizers are facing the correct direction (slots facing back/high sides forward).

On the back rest of the seat, behind each head rest and down a few inches, there are two brackets, each containing a rubber grommet. Lube these brackets using WD-40 or another form of spray lubricant. (Bottom seat must flipped up to access these brackets.)

Q - Do you plan on making a DU-HA for Chevy Avalanche Trucks?

A - We do plan on making one in the future. We will post it on our coming soon page when it is in the drawing stages.

Q - I have a Chevy extended cab with Husky liners under the backseat...Will the DU-HA slide around if it sits on top of them?

A - No. The DU-HA will not slide around. The DU-HA is strapped to the seat belt brackets to keep it from sliding around.

Ford Specific Questions

Q - I have a new F-150 SuperCrew and my back seat will not latch down. What am I doing wrong?

A - You are not doing anything wrong. On this model of truck (2009-2011), when the seat is down it does not latch. The seat is designed to latch only when it is in the up position. To test this, you may put the seat down without the DU-HA underneath. Note that it does not latch down.

Q - Do you make a DU-HA for 1999 & older Ford F-150 Supercabs & SuperCrews?

A - Unfortunately, we do not. The rear seat in your truck cannot be configured to hold a DU-HA.

Q - Will my factory 6 Disc CD Changer fit inside the DU-HA in my 03 Ford F-150 Supercab?

A - It will fit, but will need some modifications... Here's how one customer installed their's:

"This was Ford factory install 6 disc CD changer. The entire assembly (CD Player & mounting bracket) would not fit in the DU-HA. This was because the main bracket had additional flanges riveted onto the sides. Their purpose was largely cosmetic... to cover the mounting feet and cut carpet, but also perhaps provide some protection to the mounting bolts. Removing these flanges didn't affect the structural integrity, and reduced the footprint considerably, and then it easily fit in the DU-HA. All I needed to do was cut two holes for the feet, a hole for the cable, and one slot for the CD magazine." Click here to see the photo.

Q - I have a 2000 F-150 Supercab. What model would I use? My jack is not under the rear seat.

A - The 2000 model has the jack underneath the passenger front seat. This was the only year they put it there. The model you would use is the 00-03 F150 Supercab. All you have to do is snap the DU-HA in between the seat brackets. If you want to secure it even more just put 2 self tapping screws through the DU-HA and the floor.

Dodge Specific Questions

Q - Do you make a DU-HA for 2001 & older Dodge Quad Cabs?

A - Unfortunately, we do not and no plans are in the works at this time.

Toyota Specific Questions

Q - How can I tell if I have a Double Cab or a CrewMax cab?

A - There are a couple ways to tell the difference between the two cab styles. On the Double Cab, the handle on the front door is different than the handle on the back door. Also, the bottom of the rear seats lift up. On the CrewMax, all 4 door handles look the same. Also, the rear seats on the CrewMax 'slide' forward.