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Winners of a FREE Du-Ha

Feb 8, 2013

I received my Du-HA in a timely manner and it was an easy installation.  In the insurance business my truck is my second office.  With the DU-HA, I am finally organized!  What a great product

Keith Bridges

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 DuHa installed.

Feb 18, 2013

First thanks, I received my Du Ha on Friday, the ordering process and shipping were awesome! I installed the Du Ha in a few minutes, the instructions were easy to follow and couldn't be happier with it. The Du Ha looks like it was factory installed!

Chris Kurka

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 DuHa installed.
 DuHa installed.
Lovin' it!!

Feb 26, 2013

Dear Diversified Products; I am writing to tell you how much I love my Du-Ha! Ordering was a snap, it got to my house in a few days and installation took all of 15 minutes. Now that it is in my truck, it is a great place to keep all my tools and accessories, as you can see in the photos. I can now carry all these items without worrying about them going all over the truck as they had in the past. Thank You Diversified Products for making my life easier.

Ed Hoyle
Medina, OH

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 DuHa installed.
 DuHa installed.
Life is easier!!

Mar 3, 2013

I purchased the Du-Ha bin for my 2007 Toyota Tundra online. The transaction was very smooth and delivery was quick. This product literally only took 5 minutes to install. I like the knob style bolts (3) that hold the bin in place. If I want to remove the bin for any reason, I can just remove the 3 knob bolts by hand (no tools required) and remove the bin. My truck has a sub woofer under the drivers side rear seat. The Du-Ha bin fit around it perfectly. I like being able to store equipment in the bin and still be able to put the seat down. The bin looks like it was a factory option. Very pleased and would recommended the Du-Ha bin to anyone.

Ron Fein
Buchanan, MI

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 DuHa installed.
 Du-Ha Loaded
Lovin' it!!

Mar 11, 2013

To be honest, I didn't know there was a product for rear seat storage. I found the Du-Ha website by luck. I ordered my bin online, and it was delivered in 2 days. The bin is very light, and can easily be installed by one person. The bin is very durable - not flimsy at all. The entire installation took 10 minutes - very easy - good directions. The gun holders are an excellent addition. My favorite thing is the color of the bin and how closely it matches my interior. No longer will things under the rear seat slide forward when stopping. Awesome product! Thank you Diversified Products!

Gary Lenart
St. Paul, MN

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 DuHa installed.
 Ready To Hunt!.
Happy Owner!!

Mar 18, 2013

My DU-HA was delivered quickly by FedEx and after opening the box I was immediately impressed with the thickness and overall quality of the product! Installation only took a couple of minutes and the uses for this product are endless. The area under the rear seat would have gone to waste without this neat invention. It truly looks like original equipment and the color is a perfect match for my truck’s interior. The DU-HA can also be easily removed should it ever need to be hosed out and cleaned. Everyone I have shown it to has been impressed!

Ralph Robbins
Houton, TX

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 DuHa installed.
 My Hunting Buddy!
Impresssed Owner!!

Mar 25, 2013

I was looking for a way to create storage in my truck so things weren’t sliding around on the vinyl floor that is in it. I came across Diversified Products web site and saw they guaranteed the lowest price for the Du-Ha. It looked like it would do the job so I ordered it online through their web site. The Du-Ha arrived in 4 days from date of order. I installed it in about 15 min. The dimpled bottom along with the rear straps hold it in place nicely. I would recommend ordering this product through Diversified Products to anyone.

Mike Landwehr
Sharp & Handy LLC!
Green Bay WI

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 DuHa installed.
 Ready to load up!
Owner Recommended!!

Mar 30, 2013

The Duha underseat storage system arrived quickly and I installed the product in less than five minutes with using any tools. As a Forester, my truck serves as my office and the back of my truck is cluttered with misc. work items & tools. The Duha product as allowed my 8 yr old triplets to reclaim the back of Dad's truck. The kids are no longer wadding through clutter. Great product that utilizes an unused area in your truck to create an organized storage.

Thomas Casler
Mendon NY

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 Back seat clutter!
Organized storage!
Happy Triplets!