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2000 Ford F250 Super Cab Pickup Truck
Under Seat Organizer From Du-Ha

Under Seat Storage

Du-Ha under seat storage

Comes in 4 factory matching colors.

Duha under seat storage colors

Dark Gray Du-Ha Code 20014  Light Gray Du-Ha Code 20015
Tan Du-Ha Code 20016  Black Du-Ha Code 20031

Will NOT fit with factory subwoofer unless removed

Lock Kit Option Available

$161.95 US

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Du-Ha underseat guarantee

A DU-HA will fit perfectly with WeatherTech, Husky Liners and factory floor liners/floor mats installed.

Installation Guide

Under Seat Storage

Keeping your Ford truck organized can be a challenge. The Du-Ha under seat truck storage bin is a simple answer to an ongoing clutter problem. Because of the lack of, or small size of any truck storage drawer in every Ford pick up truck cab, anything loose, ends up rolling around on the floor, under the seat. Most truck owners have said that any improvement on storage for a pick up truck, is a welcome addition. With this in mind Du Ha created an innovative truck storage system that provides a spacious container, which effortlessly installs under the rear seat.

Every DU-HA under seat storage bin is custom designed to provide an exacting fit for your Ford pick up truck. Color choices have been carefully selected to match the interior colors of your truck. Engineered to fit underneath your existing back seat, Whether you’re a contractor, sportsman or simply someone looking for a great truck organizer, the Du-Ha truck underseat storage unit can be perfect for you. A Du-Ha, provides a convenient location to store anything from road flares and emergency equipment to wrenches and gloves, to guns, rifles and

These truck storage containers are quick and easy to install and are built to last. Although some refer to these as plastic truck storage bins, they are in fact made from heavy duty polyethylene. We are so confident that you will like your Du Ha bin, every unit comes with a Money Back Guarantee and because we know the DuHa is so durable, you get a Lifetime Warranty.

Truck Gun Storage

Du-Ha truck under seat storage bins include a 2 piece gun rack organizer, so you can safely store your guns in their upright position. These storage units act as an underseat truck gun storage case, legal in most states and can carry up to 2 guns, without scopes mounted.

Truck Storage Accessories

Make your back seat into a truck safe using the DU-HA Ford lock kit!
It's designed to lock the back seat brackets, so unwanted visitors can't lift up the seats and gain access to your valuables stored inside the DU-HA.

Comes with 2 keys, 2 locks that are keyed the same, 2 black cables to match seat brackets, and installation instructions. Can be added in the shopping cart.

To install the DU-HA you may have to temporarily remove the jack box. Once the DU-HA is installed, the jack can be re-installed in its original position inside the DU-HA.

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