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Ford Truck Storage

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About Ford Storage

Efficient use of your ford’s existing space is possible with the Du-Ha Ford storage units. You can take advantage of the unused space, under or behind the rear seat of your Ford truck, and can maintain a tidy, clutter free cab space.

Ford truck owners agree that taking advantage of all unused storage space in the cab is one the easiest and least expensive upgrades for a truck owner. The Du-Ha was designed to maximize storage and allow you to have a neat and tidy home for all those day to day items we all carry in our trucks.

With the Du-Ha Ford storage units, all your tow ropes, jacks, medical kits, flares and tools or whatever, can be stored in an organized and orderly manner. These storage units are also the perfect option for sportsmen, fishermen and hunters to carry their outdoor gear, fishing tackle and guns safely. All Du-Ha storage bins come equipped with mounting inserts to accommodate the transportation of rifles and ammunition and most States recognize the Du-Ha as a legal gun case. 2 to 4 guns can be stored, depending on the configuration of your truck.

Installation of the Ford storage unit is quick, easy, convenient and can be done with no drilling or modifying of your truck. A Du-ha Ford storage bin is made from heavy duty polyethylene and is almost indestructible. Your satisfaction matters to us. Du-Ha follows in-depth quality control measures and offers a money back guarantee within 30 days along with a lifetime warranty to ensure you are satisfied with this great product.

Ford Specific Questions

Q - I have a new F-150 SuperCrew and my back seat will not latch down. What am I doing wrong?

A - You are not doing anything wrong. On this model of truck (2009-2011), when the seat is down it does not latch. The seat is designed to latch only when it is in the up position. To test this, you may put the seat down without the DU-HA underneath. Note that it does not latch down. It just helps you to increase your Ford Storage

Q - Do you make a DU-HA for 1999 & older Ford F-150 Supercabs & SuperCrews?

A - Unfortunately, we do not. The rear seat in your truck cannot be configured to hold a DU-HA.

Q - Will my factory 6 Disc CD Changer fit inside the DU-HA in my 03 Ford F-150 Supercab?

A - It will fit, but will need some modifications for increasing your Ford Storage... Here's how one customer installed their's:

"This was Ford factory install 6 disc CD changer. The entire assembly (CD Player & mounting bracket) would not fit in the DU-HA. This was because the main bracket had additional flanges riveted onto the sides. Their purpose was largely cosmetic... to cover the mounting feet and cut carpet, but also perhaps provide some protection to the mounting bolts. Removing these flanges didn't affect the structural integrity, and reduced the footprint considerably, and then it easily fit in the DU-HA. All I needed to do was cut two holes for the feet, a hole for the cable, and one slot for the CD magazine." Click here to see the photo.

Q - I have a 2000 F-150 Supercab. What model would I use? My jack is not under the rear seat.

A - The 2000 model has the jack underneath the passenger front seat. This was the only year they put it there. The model you would use is the 00-03 F150 Supercab. All you have to do is snap the DU-HA in between the seat brackets. If you want to secure it even more just put 2 self tapping screws through the DU-HA and the floor.


Why get a Ford Truck Storage unit ?

Keeping your Ford pickup truck organized can be a challenge, with the clutter from all the the extra things that tend to be tossed underseat or behind the seat. Every Ford truck owner always needs extra truck storage space. The least used space available in your truck is under the rear seat or behind the seat.

Whether you’re a contractor, sportsman or simply someone looking for a great way to organize your pickup truck, the Du-Ha truck under seat or behind the seat storage unit can be perfect for you. Du-Ha bins provide a convenient location to store anything from power tools, boots, gloves, jackets and first aid kit, to jumper cables, spare batteries, guns, ammunition, hunting gear, fishing rods and reels and tackle box, etc., safely and securely. Depending on your Ford pickup truck cab style, you can either have underseat truck storage or behind the back seat truck storage.

Du-Ha truck storage bins include a 2 piece gun rack organizer, so you can safely store your guns in their upright position. These storage units act as an under the seat or behind the seat, storage gun case, legal in most states. It carries 2-4 guns depending on the configuration for your Ford truck.

These truck storage bins are quick and easy to install and are built to last. Made from heavy duty polyethylene, these units come with a Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

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